What doesn't knock you down , makes you stronger.

This post is dedicated to 2 valued friends of mine (y'all know who you're)  and also as a sort of a reflection for some of my younger readers :)

Ah Boy knows that stuff doesn't always go smoothly as planned , bumps along the way happen. When that happens what choice do you and all of us have but to suck it up and move on?  When you look back from where you almost fell , and see how far you have climbed , remember the drive and the effort you took to get where you're and pause, pick up the pieces and continue the climb. Remember that for ever one person out there that is waiting for you to fail , a hundred others are waiting for you to excel and inspire them to do the same , so help yourself and help them , in turn by taking some alone time and sort out your thoughts and press on. The day when you know you've achieved something is when someone up on the street comes up to you and say thank you for helping them or their family etc etc in some way or another!

Ok , for the most of my readers , this should be the end of this post le . thanks for stopping by.

For this valued male friend , whom i respect , take care and contact ah boy when u are back in sg ah!

For this valued female friend of mine , i might not have known you for a long while, but idk fortunately or unfortunately , your path also happens to be like ah boy's even though you're older and wiser la , the road less travelled , but that ingenuity and that drive within you that sometimes you might fail to see is gonna kick thru someday :) So yea , soldier on and ah boy has a couple of things for you.

Firstly , a cheer you up picture of the cheer bear , i know you have a special connection to carebears so...

Secondly , you've won yourself a 1year supply of M&Ms hahahaha , claim the first pack from me tmr ba.

Lastly , don't forget , you've good friends and family around you (applies to the rest of my readers also la) .

Cheerio, till the next time
Ah Boy (Ken)


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