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For starters :)

Well hi there, whoever you're, lemme just start my story like this.... this blog was created with the intention to just let me rant and share my experiences.(maybe in singlish,a mixture of dialects or just plain english.) Simple. With that done, let's move on proper. my life story begins like this. I tend to detach myself from my family as they are the only thing i hold dear to me, other than monies and power. I'm an ordinary polytechnic student with a secondary identity as the Managing Director of a small company in singapore. Many people over the past one year know i'm into business, but don't know what i do exactly. I intend to keep it that way. This journey has not been an easy one as business has its own set of challenges and coping with schoolwork alongside it is a real energy drainer. I started out in the world of commerce (note the distinction between commerce and biz.) as i got started in MLM back in 2009 when it was at its peak and when everything happe