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5 steps to improve your financial literacy knowledge

Hi everyone , Ah boy is becoming a broken tape recorder at this rate but let's continue where i left off the last time round.  As most of us know , financial literacy levels are dipping not only in Singapore , but also worldwide.  In this post , ah boy shall explore ways that we can bring it up! Ah boy self coins myself ah boy as I'm much younger than many of the finance bloggers out there and as such , don't expect to see ultra chim words in my blog. Just 5 steps to improve your understanding of financial literacy or that's how i did it la , not orthodox at all de: 1) Pick up an annual report (AR) I recall vaguely back in 2009 i first started seeing these thick "books" with lots of pictures and stuff on my then neighbour's doorstep, he was waiting for the karang guni man i assume (then where got pdf one? LOL) , now on hindsight , i think it might be due to the financial crisis then. I remember this one very clearly , i picked