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Hi peeps Ken is hunting , hunting for what ah? Food? Money? Drinks? Friends? NONE of the above except maybe new friends , i'm looking for fellow bloggers, or readers that have friends that are financially-savvy of various ages , it's good for me to make more friends eh? Email me!  At , let's meet up for a cuppa or two , or a glass or two , whichever you might prefer! Criteria: 1) Financially savvy (No need large portfolio one, wahahahaha , don't worry la , i won't eat ppl up one) 2)Willing to la kopi one Cheerio Ken Ps. stay tuned for part 2 of the most recent post on Fin-Lit knowledge in Singapore Picx from google.

Financial Literacy Knowledge in Singapore. (Part 1)

Hi peeps , ah boy is back with a bone to pick .... kidding la , i had my fill of bah kut teh liao (although hor on a side note, i'm still searching for a BKT that agrees totally with my palate....) The purpose of this post is to express some of my own points , the stuff below , please take it with a pinch of salt ah , don't take it to heart ah , in case i offend any of y'all , apologies in advance. See ,  quite a while back , very long ago actually ( the reason i chose to bring this out now is due to the similarity in the issue on hand) , be4 this article came out that Singapore's Fin-Lit(Financial Literacy) level has experienced the largest decline in APAC , the article can be found here  . I asked a fellow blogger , a more experienced and wiser one , Uncle Rich from InvestOpenly to do a small piece on his take of Singapore's Fin-Lit state. Read the piece below and ah boy shall continue with my story. Ps. The piece written by Uncle Rich is uncensored and un

Silver & Gold Flash Sale?

Sorry ah , i've not been blogging for about 2 weeks minimum as stuff happened (shall not elaborate too much as it is water under the bridge.) So , i was toying with idea of a special flash sale whereby silver prices are lower than the usually low ones that i offer to my friends and clients... sounds good hor , but i still need to iron things out.  Though , there is some good news to this though , i'm planning a small sale of small gold bars as there is a hindu festival coming soon. Friends who have friends who wanna get them , you know where to find me, facebook pm me or email me , email address is below!    :) Cheers Ah Boy

What doesn't knock you down , makes you stronger.

This post is dedicated to 2 valued friends of mine (y'all know who you're)  and also as a sort of a reflection for some of my younger readers :) Ah Boy knows that stuff doesn't always go smoothly as planned , bumps along the way happen. When that happens what choice do you and all of us have but to suck it up and move on?  When you look back from where you almost fell , and see how far you have climbed , remember the drive and the effort you took to get where you're and pause, pick up the pieces and continue the climb. Remember that for ever one person out there that is waiting for you to fail , a hundred others are waiting for you to excel and inspire them to do the same , so help yourself and help them , in turn by taking some alone time and sort out your thoughts and press on. The day when you know you've achieved something is when someone up on the street comes up to you and say thank you for helping them or their family etc etc in some way or another! Ok

2 in 1 post , An evening with AK Part 2 & 3

OK! Way Way Overdue review of the evening i had the chance to spend in a room with  ASSI AK aka the russian gun on my blogger list that i frequent. (This russian gun knows how to taiji one! read on for more eh) Nuff said , let us begin proper. The event was nice , both evenings had different crowds , from all walks of life. I didn't attend part 1 , so the 1st evening is part 2 ah. 1st Evening (Part 2) Crowd enthu , simi qns also shoot ,more seasoned investors, counters and issues discussed ranged from S Chips , REITs , Biz trusts , hospitality Trusts etc etc . SembCorp , Keppy la , erhem some o&g firms la.... (those who were there sure noted buying or selling interest increase the next trading day lor! ) Some of the Qns that AK felt could be better handled , he taiji to the panelists lor! Some salient points from Part 2: i) Know and determine what you're in a stock , reit , etc , alternative investment first  ii)Time your investments, trades. iii)DYODD , as empha