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Will? Trusts? Assets? What to do when you before you depart this world? For the young , the middle aged and the seniors.

Ya. The post is sombre la. I've just lost a relative today . R.I.P. This post is sort of a self reminder for all of us and most importantly me. A few close friends and acquaintances know this , the others don't. I went into hospital twice last December. When i was in there , on the hospital bed i actually told my mum where i has stashed my "will" , together with my list of things i wanna do but couldn't do.... my bucket list. Then she told me : " Choy , don't anyhow say" etc etc. I explained to her my rationale of writing up my "will" and other stuffs so that : 1) I would have less regrets should i leave the world then. 2) I would know that they would be taken care of as per my asset / beneficiaries allocation. 3) Lesser chances they would contest aka fight aka turn me over in my grave. I've a will that is going to be valid once i turn 21 , with my lawyer. (Oh ya , irritatingly , below 21 can't do a  legally binding will