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Teen to another Teen , Your question , My answer .

Hi in another segment of my diary , i've turned legal age to go and purchase a bottle of red/white (Those who don't get this , wait for the answer in another 3 years, you'll understand , eventually . )   All right , let's begin proper. So in a Facebook post , i asked my friends what they would like to see me write about and Branson Lee said " The different approaches you make before making a buy   the things you consider etc " For starters , my approach or rather rationale for this way of me investing is simple. Don't pick or go and whack counters that you know that with your holding in it , you'll toss and turn around in bed , in my dialect , it's called " koon bway loh " , so for those that are thinking of doing this kind of move , think again .  MAKE SURE YOU CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT ,  and SOUNDLY TOO! Before i make any move , i'll do these 4 steps .  1) Eyes open big big , legs don't shake.  People

How to pick counters ! Same thing , go horland play ball don't come back with a vengeance hor!

Hi Peeps  Ken here, trying to remind you that the week is not over just yet. For 2015 Q1-3 , please go source for counters that have the following 3 things , if you wanna drink kopi at starbucks , idk if they will have 1 for 1 for the non-seasonal drinks or not other than for their annual BOGO day -.- 1) LOCAL Presence , whether physical , online , on cloud , on whatever , i don't bother too much with that , for me , what goes , goes. (They better be number 1 or within the top 3 of their industry)  (不好就不要啦,就是那么简单。) 2) CASH RICH , different people have different way of looking at this , but for me , look at the current assets on hand vs the outstanding liabilities or any loan(s) that are due soon. [some counter pattern more than badminton la , don't know how many fellas they wanna borrow from, so better make sure got enuf firepower in the bank to support the war ah !] 3) AMBITION , the counter's management better be those t

My Two REITs Pick for 2015 , if drop till horlan don't come gostan and scold me hor!

Ok B4 i start i need to put a large disclaimer . DISCLAIMER : I don't have any vested interest in REIT s . My rudimentary understanding of REITs consists of 5hrs and above of "research" . So here it goes , small kid's picks for REITs 2015. (To be awfully honest , small kid isn't really keen on the thought of me owning half of a basin somewhere in bukit batok or something like that la -.- it's just me , i know ) so with my ranting done , let's go . PROs of REITs  : Liquidity , leverage on the law of large numbers to purchase space :) , better yields from the dividends as compared to a typical share counter with similar price point ,  ** You get to own property!** 1) Mapletree Commercial Trust Key Figures: Current Price : SGD 1.43 / Share  My Expected Share price by 3Q 2015 : SGD 1.65 / Share Div Yield : 5.44%  (Don't worry , not 444 la) **LOOK OUT for Third Party Acquisitions lo**     Look

2015 5 SGX Stock Picks ! (Kenna 4D or lose Toto not my fault leh)

After a hot and steamy session of tea (what were you thinking of there?) Small kid Ken is back with my picks for 2015 's SGX counters albeit some of the counters here i might not be able to afford :P Small kid will also do a bit of a short analysis on why i picked these counters out of the many many in sgx . So here goes! 1) Haw Par Corp  (Cause i watched the moodiacork drama and found that the $$ is here ) Got $$ to park in the bank? Park it here instead . Current price : 8.53 SGD / Share Div Yield : 2.3% (Still better than your FD :P ) Enterprise Value to Debt Value:   SGD 1267.6M VS SGD 43.4M -.-  (Yea , check it out , don't know if i'll even have that amount in the bank in 100yrs) No la , it is because , who doesn't know this god-like remedy for aches? I mean seriously la , rain or shine someone somewhere in this world is aching ma , so they will definitely need this ! This is for those finance peeps out there , look at the amount of

Just a simple note

Hi There    Lazy Ken is back again :) Have been busy with exams, business plans and matters coming into a giant snowball , now that the ice has melted , time for me to swim lor! BTW a strange idea popped into my mind the other day , don't think i'll do it though, this blog is just for entertainment purposes , don;t think i'll commercialize it :p  I'll just keep it as a small kid talking rubbish about the world of finance :) Hehe Till next time K

Future of local football ^ ^

Hi Peeps   Boring Ken is back again , just wanted to share some exp on a ride i had in a cab earlier. I met with a u12 coach (Soccer) and we started chatting, he told me about some of the challenges faced with the local sporting arena (eg. not enuf exposure to new media etc.) and i got interested , i mean , i'm a Singaporean and we aren't quitters, we're doers ! I told him i'll figure out a path where by his magazine can be published, with his football academy in the making... Wish myself success (fingers crossed) will be talking to a web designer friend of mine later! Regards K Ps. if you're bored, can go and like my FB page KG Bullion Pte Ltd? [got regular updates on Precious Metals, financial markets too :) ]

A connected world via FB? One day, maybe one fine day !

Hi Peeps   Ken here again , don't mind if i'm a bit more singlish oriented with this post. Well for one my day went great , went to a senior activity centre in the morning, did some interaction with the folks there :) Headed out to drop off a few of these to a really nice customer of mine and had a nice chat about her investment journey thus far.                ^^ Thanks C. Had a nice lunch and off i went again to meet a pal for coffee and on the way back home, met a really old acquaintance. The interesting part though came at night. First off, i learnt more about human interactions more and understood my friends more than i ever think i had (smarty-pants mode was on probably!) What happened on FB next was weird , i made a new friend from India and hooked him up with an acquaintance who had a shared interest in Numismatics ! Maybe FB will replace F2F interactions next? IDK , only time will tell. (Weird thoughts and random stuff going through the brain as i&

Igniting that spark in others :)

Hi people, met up with two young mates of mine today, gathered from them that they were thinking of 'parking' some of their spare savings into stocks/investment related stuff, so i introduced PM to them and i was pleasantly glad that i was able to provide some small nuggets of info to kick start their investment journey in PMs :) #achievement unlocked and that actually reinforced that i wasn't in for the money , but to educate fellow investors on their journey and be alongside them :)

First old friend who bought his first IGPM 1oz Silver Coins

Dropped off a couple of coins to a friend today. Hope he finally understands why i told him to go into precious metal investment rather than fast money fast returns stuff. Pics of the coin is attached :) Btw till now only less than 200,000 minted !!! Damn low for a bullion coin, get em from me and quote "YQ" to receive a discount! Alternatively, drop me an enquiry at Regards K

Random Posting when i've insomnia

Hi Peeps, Ken back here again. Just a short self-reflection post about myself. I guess i've grown more steady and mature-ish since my second venture KG Bullion Pte Ltd is up and running, The fear or feeling of apprehension that i've when meeting up or chatting with PMETs has reduced gradually till yesterday when i had the opportunity to chat with two undergrads who are successful in the nightlife scene in their own right, The first time i encountered them three months back i was still a ignorant kid (not saying i grew a lot since then la) but i could hold my own fort this time round! I guess people grow with exposure and i was presently surprised at the coherent words that were able to exit my mouth! Morale of the story: have faith and believe in what you can and will achieve if you believe in yourself :) Regards K

Random post

Greeting from my sunny island republic, it's probably close to 4am in the morning here. I was just wondering whether the future of currency for the rest of civilisation excluding the few, rare and isolated territories will be Bitcoin or will we return to using Precious Metals as a form of barter / exchange platform?

Interesting stone seen yesterday

Hi All Just a quick post about an interesting gem stone i chanced upon yesterday. It is the gem Tanzanite :) I didn't get a chance to get a pic as i was rushing off to do some other stuff  but it was a somewhat fascinating 2.07ct natural untreated stone the color is similar and the only small flaw was the one or two inclusions and the clarity as the base of the stone wasn't as clear as a perfect specimen but then again a perfect stone would be worth thousands and thousands, instead of the 2 over thousand price tag on it. Ps. will add a pic of the real thing when i see it again. for now, enjoy the image the internet has for you.

A lil bit more about myself

Hi guys, my name is Ken, some brief history about myself: I will be 18 come year end, i've just started a small venture KG Bullion Pte Ltd dealing in mostly investment grade precious metals. The purpose of this post is actually to share with y'all some of the bits and pieces in my entrepreneurship journey thus far. To be brutally honest, this road is not an easy road to walk, and trust me, when i say this, as i might have been through as much of the ups and downs in a biz as some of you here. I started getting interested in entrepreneurship when i was 12 or 13, when i started dabbling into small cap equities in SGX (i know, i'm an oddball). I earned my own coffee money then, and stopped when i had schoolwork to settle. I then dabbled on and off into MLMs when i was about 15 (shall not name them, too mundane for most of y'all), that was when MLMs were the "in" thing. I then joined a competition i think back in 2011 and that was what opened my eyes

For starters :)

Well hi there, whoever you're, lemme just start my story like this.... this blog was created with the intention to just let me rant and share my experiences.(maybe in singlish,a mixture of dialects or just plain english.) Simple. With that done, let's move on proper. my life story begins like this. I tend to detach myself from my family as they are the only thing i hold dear to me, other than monies and power. I'm an ordinary polytechnic student with a secondary identity as the Managing Director of a small company in singapore. Many people over the past one year know i'm into business, but don't know what i do exactly. I intend to keep it that way. This journey has not been an easy one as business has its own set of challenges and coping with schoolwork alongside it is a real energy drainer. I started out in the world of commerce (note the distinction between commerce and biz.) as i got started in MLM back in 2009 when it was at its peak and when everything happe