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A connected world via FB? One day, maybe one fine day !

Hi Peeps   Ken here again , don't mind if i'm a bit more singlish oriented with this post. Well for one my day went great , went to a senior activity centre in the morning, did some interaction with the folks there :) Headed out to drop off a few of these to a really nice customer of mine and had a nice chat about her investment journey thus far.                ^^ Thanks C. Had a nice lunch and off i went again to meet a pal for coffee and on the way back home, met a really old acquaintance. The interesting part though came at night. First off, i learnt more about human interactions more and understood my friends more than i ever think i had (smarty-pants mode was on probably!) What happened on FB next was weird , i made a new friend from India and hooked him up with an acquaintance who had a shared interest in Numismatics ! Maybe FB will replace F2F interactions next? IDK , only time will tell. (Weird thoughts and random stuff going through the brain as i&