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It's been a long time

"It's been a loong day , *inserts lyrics to the tune of see you again* " Anyways , 好久不”见“!Of late i've gone on a short personal vacation where i've caught up with people i need to catch up with , cleared my backlog of work , and taken time to do some R&R , chill and drinks sessions with friends. I've got about an hour to kill before my dinner appointment , so might as well do a wrap up post and short portfolio update to remind myself for 2017 eh? Before posting the pie chart and prolly what's in my watchlist for the next year , i might just do a quick reflection of 2016 so far , i think the main takeaway point of this year came from a conversation i had with a friend a month back , when i was lamenting on my happiness level. I mean , from anyone's standpoint , my investment returns this year was decent by any standard lol , but i got bored during halfway this year when the market slowed , i was basically watching sgx on one screen and hk