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Igniting that spark in others :)

Hi people, met up with two young mates of mine today, gathered from them that they were thinking of 'parking' some of their spare savings into stocks/investment related stuff, so i introduced PM to them and i was pleasantly glad that i was able to provide some small nuggets of info to kick start their investment journey in PMs :) #achievement unlocked and that actually reinforced that i wasn't in for the money , but to educate fellow investors on their journey and be alongside them :)

First old friend who bought his first IGPM 1oz Silver Coins

Dropped off a couple of coins to a friend today. Hope he finally understands why i told him to go into precious metal investment rather than fast money fast returns stuff. Pics of the coin is attached :) Btw till now only less than 200,000 minted !!! Damn low for a bullion coin, get em from me and quote "YQ" to receive a discount! Alternatively, drop me an enquiry at Regards K

Random Posting when i've insomnia

Hi Peeps, Ken back here again. Just a short self-reflection post about myself. I guess i've grown more steady and mature-ish since my second venture KG Bullion Pte Ltd is up and running, The fear or feeling of apprehension that i've when meeting up or chatting with PMETs has reduced gradually till yesterday when i had the opportunity to chat with two undergrads who are successful in the nightlife scene in their own right, The first time i encountered them three months back i was still a ignorant kid (not saying i grew a lot since then la) but i could hold my own fort this time round! I guess people grow with exposure and i was presently surprised at the coherent words that were able to exit my mouth! Morale of the story: have faith and believe in what you can and will achieve if you believe in yourself :) Regards K

Random post

Greeting from my sunny island republic, it's probably close to 4am in the morning here. I was just wondering whether the future of currency for the rest of civilisation excluding the few, rare and isolated territories will be Bitcoin or will we return to using Precious Metals as a form of barter / exchange platform?

Interesting stone seen yesterday

Hi All Just a quick post about an interesting gem stone i chanced upon yesterday. It is the gem Tanzanite :) I didn't get a chance to get a pic as i was rushing off to do some other stuff  but it was a somewhat fascinating 2.07ct natural untreated stone the color is similar and the only small flaw was the one or two inclusions and the clarity as the base of the stone wasn't as clear as a perfect specimen but then again a perfect stone would be worth thousands and thousands, instead of the 2 over thousand price tag on it. Ps. will add a pic of the real thing when i see it again. for now, enjoy the image the internet has for you.

A lil bit more about myself

Hi guys, my name is Ken, some brief history about myself: I will be 18 come year end, i've just started a small venture KG Bullion Pte Ltd dealing in mostly investment grade precious metals. The purpose of this post is actually to share with y'all some of the bits and pieces in my entrepreneurship journey thus far. To be brutally honest, this road is not an easy road to walk, and trust me, when i say this, as i might have been through as much of the ups and downs in a biz as some of you here. I started getting interested in entrepreneurship when i was 12 or 13, when i started dabbling into small cap equities in SGX (i know, i'm an oddball). I earned my own coffee money then, and stopped when i had schoolwork to settle. I then dabbled on and off into MLMs when i was about 15 (shall not name them, too mundane for most of y'all), that was when MLMs were the "in" thing. I then joined a competition i think back in 2011 and that was what opened my eyes