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Hi all As y'all prolly might know by now.... ah boy doesn't blog about specific counters , but due to a special request by a few clients , i've decided to do a segment on IPOs. Specifically IPOs for Singapore (for now) and IPOs that i've taken a look at... i'm at most times , a frog in a well.... in hiding so forgive me if the news travels slower ah... the well is very deep. For those IPOs you want me to write about in my anyhow hantam way , please , pm me on facebook , leave me a comment below , or just message me if y'all have my handphone number eh :) Ps. all the stuff below are written just for laughs.The serious stuff if you need , there is SGX , other bloggers out there for it. If you do get offended , i apologise in advance, paiseh la , ah boy here leh.... pang zui a bit ah (give chance a bit la). The stock market is a zero sum game.... hear b4 this saying? Cheers! This CMC INFOCOMM Limited ah.... this ginna (kid) caught my attention for 3 reasons.