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As y'all prolly might know by now.... ah boy doesn't blog about specific counters , but due to a special request by a few clients , i've decided to do a segment on IPOs. Specifically IPOs for Singapore (for now) and IPOs that i've taken a look at... i'm at most times , a frog in a well.... in hiding so forgive me if the news travels slower ah... the well is very deep. For those IPOs you want me to write about in my anyhow hantam way , please , pm me on facebook , leave me a comment below , or just message me if y'all have my handphone number eh :)

Ps. all the stuff below are written just for laughs.The serious stuff if you need , there is SGX , other bloggers out there for it. If you do get offended , i apologise in advance, paiseh la , ah boy here leh.... pang zui a bit ah (give chance a bit la). The stock market is a zero sum game.... hear b4 this saying? Cheers!

This CMC INFOCOMM Limited ah.... this ginna (kid) caught my attention for 3 reasons....

1) This ginna got one hell of a parent..... TEE International lor..... ever seen them around on the SBS bus adverts? TEE LAND , is this CMC de brother... sounds ok la , these relatives share prices are at the 20cts range.... on mainboard leh...i got feeling this CMC will follow its brother and its parent wor.... unlike erhem a certain fella that kenna goreng from simi 2sgd to 0.60sgd?? (sounds familiar horh?)

2) This fella got some black magic in it is it? Or they hired some powerful fengshui master ? The last year profits HUAT HUAT HUAT till the bank also full leh..... (hmmmm they got use massage chair or not ah? wonder which brand they use if they have.)

3) This ginna DARES to list in this environment , all the big ships oh paiseh.... big gunners in the sti becoming big cannon fairy soon leh.... and yet this guy got the guts to list....

Ok la enuf of the merry making. Now for some simple numbers.

Expected Trading Date : Thursday , 13 August 2015 , 0900 Hrs on Catalist 

IPO Price : $0.25 SGD

NOTES to share allocation issues : Available for Public Subscription , 2.4M shares. 19.2M Placement Shares , 2.4M shares reserved for Kakis of CMC Infocomm

*I'm vested in this counter , by way of public offering and placement, i'm not a kaki of them fyi.*

Do Your Own Due Diligence

Aiya , hearsay ah hearsay , demand too many many.... my placement never get enough .......  from a little lizard on one of the CBD towers.......

Nah , still provide one song for y'all to listen to and also some useful contacts from the various brokerages houses in case y'all wanna buy but inside the toilet and cannot access the net... call your brokers lor..... Ah just in case u call cannot reach your brokers , below still have a list of some of the houses de general contact numbers obtained from uncle google ,  so if sala (wrong) , don't hantam me.....

UOB KAYHIAN (UOB-KH) : (65) 6536 9338

CIMB Securities (CIMB) : (65) 6225 1228

Maybank Kim Eng (Maybank KE) : (65) 6369 9000

Philip Securities (POEMS) : (65) 6531 1555

Lim Tan (LTS) : (65) 6533 0595

KGI Fraser Securities (KGI Fraser) : (65) 6534 5345

OCBC Securities (OCBC) : (TOLL Free number within Singapore ) 1800 338 8688 / (65) 6338 8688

Standard Chart , Morgan Stanley , BOA Merrill Lynch , Deutsche Bank , UBS etc , you've to take care of yourself leh.... ah boy knowledge limited... paiseh

Ah boy signing off.

Oh ya... i've another post coming this week about an evening with ASSI AK part 5. (3hrs of transcript and loads of censoring.... dunno how will the post turn out. Stay tuned.)


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