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Good morning world :) Guess i had too much coffee for lunch yesterday , some fellow bloggers , ( The more experienced ones, i noobie ma , such as ASSI AK (Old Uncle AK71) , Invest Openly (Uncle Richard Ng) ,A Path To Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs , aka Brian Halim) , and many of the likes have revealed their holdings (what counters they bought etc.) . Ah boy did a small small pie chart on that when Uncle Rich did a web interview for me a while back , simple Q and As. I did a small pie chart to show my portfolio allocation and i think it's time to write a bit more on the stuff inside my small small portfolio , before that , let's check out the previous pie chart. Because i run a small business , it constitutes for 30% of my investments , Investment Grade Gold and Silver Bullion constitutes another 30% of my portfolio then ( NOTE: These IGPM can be converted to cash in 24hrs? So it's also Cash and Short Term Investment , macam those list co balance sheet u know?