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Guess i had too much coffee for lunch yesterday , some fellow bloggers , ( The more experienced ones, i noobie ma , such as ASSI AK (Old Uncle AK71) , Invest Openly (Uncle Richard Ng) ,A Path To Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs , aka Brian Halim) , and many of the likes have revealed their holdings (what counters they bought etc.) .

Ah boy did a small small pie chart on that when Uncle Rich did a web interview for me a while back , simple Q and As. I did a small pie chart to show my portfolio allocation and i think it's time to write a bit more on the stuff inside my small small portfolio , before that , let's check out the previous pie chart.

Because i run a small business , it constitutes for 30% of my investments , Investment Grade Gold and Silver Bullion constitutes another 30% of my portfolio then ( NOTE: These IGPM can be converted to cash in 24hrs? So it's also Cash and Short Term Investment , macam those list co balance sheet u know?  ) Then , because mr market was pretty kind , so i had 10% of spare cash laying around to hoot anything that goes on my radar and starts blinking. Equities contributed to the rest of the 30% of my portfolio . BTW these are just aga aga percentages to give y'all a rough gauge of how my portfolio was then.

Now fast forward 6 months , this is how my portfolio looks like. : Please note in 6 mths , i set aside some additional funds into this portfolio.

Now as the bull and bear has been fighting , i decided to add a bit more cash to my investment portfolio to wait for the time to hoot. I've reduced my holdings in IGPM (Gold & Silver) slightly as the hike hasn't come , i couldn't get over the notion of owning half a basin in telok blangah , with reference to this post here . So , i bought Soilbuild Biz REIT then , as it was my gut feel. I'm sorry ,  i mean i really don't know how to put it but the tenant mix made me feel pretty comfortable putting my money there.

Now for the OLD TIMERS , SRIC (Singapore Reinsurance Corp) , i bought it when it was my second week in polytechnic , i remember this vividly as this was my second investment purchase for that year. This counter is SOLID , check the figures and you will know what i mean.

Sheng Siong , my average cost price is 0.49 , pretty decent considering i actually averaged up as it is a fundamentally strong counter. It also constitutes a larger part of my investment portfolio as i actually used the profits from sheng siong , i sold some along the way , and diversified it into other riskier counters.   

M1 i bought some at 3.20 cts for keeping as the small small pockets of dividends it pays out , helps me offset some of my phone bills , i use M1 to pay M1 , pretty ok leh i find. Lose a bit , gain a bit la , i'm not that anal as my investment really kacang puteh one leh .

UOB Kayhian i also anyhow hantam one , hear my friend say kay hian kay hian back then , so i went to google and wah la , it is listed leh , so i just buy small small lor , ikan billis also good ma if not grouper hor?

Sapphire Corporation is my latest addition into my portfolio. For those that have read ASSI AK's blog , you would have seen the CASINO or Speculative portion of the pyramid hor? Ah ya la , the AK pyramid , if i didn't know better i would have thought of it as the nonya kueh kueh leh! Ya , the blue coloured triangle shaped kueh u know? Alamak , talk about food only i hungry =.=!!

So WHY did i buy Sapphire Corp?? My first interest for this counter was piqued when Mr X , from my previous foodie session here . He hinted rather subtly that i might like this counter , cause the CEO is quite a character! So what i did was really oddball , even by my own standard.... i made a small small investment of X00 shares in February this year , in April , it was the AGM (Annual General Meeting) , so as a super minority shareholder i was entitled to attend but unfortunately , school work got to me. So i filled up a proxy form so i could get a relative to stand in for me to observe the crowd , management , etc. My current average price of Sapphire stands at 9.2Cts

Well , fast forward , swee swee AGM , aga aga know got EGM liao this year , i went ahead and bought some shares to park , so when it got cheaper , i consulted my accountants , (Professionals are there for a reason ! Use them!) , they did some agaration for me and said NAV bway pai , is aga aga 30 something cents wor after Ranken is taken over by Sapphire after the EGM! Put it in a not so nice way , this CEO is accounts trained , u think the people under him can smoke him? His eagle eyes see and project the growth liao , which was seen by his shareholders' letter prior to the EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) , to be honest i've not seen a CEO writing a shareholders' latter asking for their mandate , my mandate , so for sure la , EGM 100% passed. What remains to be seen is how far this CEO takes this company under his wing and from what i see so far , i like what i'm seeing .

OH ! Oh ya! Almost forgot , beeland holdings boss was observer at the EGM lol (you can google james beeland rogers and see who you come up with?) , and AGM , i asked him , can buy or not... he gimme poker face.... idk la , maybe he hoot enuf liao then he will say , hoseh liao!! This time hoseh liao?

<INVEST WITHIN YOUR MEANS AND RISK TOLERANCE, i might have a riskier portfolio allocation as time is on my side fortunately , but that being said , being prudent investors allows you to squeeze the most out of your investments , HUAT AH>

Wah Damn long post , i wanna Zzz liao , ciao world , tty'all another time!

Cheers till then
Ah Boy

Pictures from google unless stated otherwise. (ASSI AK picx by me)


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