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NCF 2015 , the fun , laughter , anger and that tinge of sadness .

Hi Peeps! This post ah , is gonna be damn long man (Kidding lah , i try to finish as fast as i can without expressing my anger too much eh! ) Oh yah , at this part better state , the organisers gave ah boy a one time waiver of registration fee cause i tried to jio more people to attend this event through my blog, ken (ah boy) thank y'all for that gesture. You will understand later on why i need to put this disclaimer here liao! OK ! So it was that time of the year again when ah boy will sneak into NCF (National Cashflow Competition ) and play for fun , but this year got twist wor! Read on for more :) The event started off without a hitch , registration was a breeze , facilitators were well-mannered , game started off on a good note :) Here are some picx taken by ah boy as shown below : (Sorry for the image quality ah , if it's not clear) Before the Tertiary Category Prelims Begin Some nice prizes eh? Hehe, ah boy didn't get to go for the macbook though

Some updates from me :)

Hi there again :) Congrats to those that followed my call on Serial System Ltd and TP-ed (SGX:S69) . Now i'm looking at round 2! Now the purpose of this post is to thank Uncle Rich of   InvestOpenly  . This comes as a super - late thank you , LOL , some 2 mths late. This is for some of y'all that wanna know what i've in my box. Check it out here  . Secondly , it is also to thank a lot of bloggers such as  ASSI AK  ,  B of 3Fs  ,  SGYI  , Kenji Wealth Management  for letting me learn loads from y'all (Just to name a few) and a few of y'all for placing me on your resources tab and letting your readers experience more singlish ramblings from me . Thanks :) Lastly , say hi to me if you're going for NCF2015 training and or on the actual day , at least lemme know someone is reading hahahaha! Cheers Ken

National Cashflow Competition 2015 , Anyone?

Hi there! Warning : You might need to spend $ after this post. Most or if not all of my blog readers shouldn't know this , but ah boy has been attending the NCF (National Cashflow Competition) for fun for a few years (other than twice in secondary school cat no choice ma that time , last year was in open)  , though most of the time, it was just a way for me to survey the market and play a game or two for fun :) This year , see my mood la , either Open or Tertiary category. Ah boy doubles as a financial literacy "educator" (though in my own style and flavor la) , so i can peep at my competitors ma , and check out market strength       ;) This time around though , i might have a bit more fun! There's the new game , Asset Finesse used instead of the usual cashflow 101 , ah boy hasn't been to the training session though , but i got a rough idea of how it will be like , just that i'm hoping it can stimulate my mind more as compared to cashflow 101 l