Some updates from me :)

Hi there again :)

Congrats to those that followed my call on Serial System Ltd and TP-ed (SGX:S69) . Now i'm looking at round 2!

Now the purpose of this post is to thank Uncle Rich of  InvestOpenly .

This comes as a super - late thank you , LOL , some 2 mths late. This is for some of y'all that wanna know what i've in my box.

Check it out here .

Secondly , it is also to thank a lot of bloggers such as ASSI AK , B of 3Fs , SGYI ,Kenji Wealth Management for letting me learn loads from y'all (Just to name a few) and a few of y'all for placing me on your resources tab and letting your readers experience more singlish ramblings from me . Thanks :)

Lastly , say hi to me if you're going for NCF2015 training and or on the actual day , at least lemme know someone is reading hahahaha!



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