National Cashflow Competition 2015 , Anyone?

Hi there!

Warning : You might need to spend $ after this post.

Most or if not all of my blog readers shouldn't know this , but ah boy has been attending the NCF (National Cashflow Competition) for fun for a few years (other than twice in secondary school cat no choice ma that time , last year was in open)  , though most of the time, it was just a way for me to survey the market and play a game or two for fun :)

This year , see my mood la , either Open or Tertiary category.

Ah boy doubles as a financial literacy "educator" (though in my own style and flavor la) , so i can peep at my competitors ma , and check out market strength       ;)

This time around though , i might have a bit more fun! There's the new game , Asset Finesse used instead of the usual cashflow 101 , ah boy hasn't been to the training session though , but i got a rough idea of how it will be like , just that i'm hoping it can stimulate my mind more as compared to cashflow 101 la , or if not , i might jolly well set a damn ambitious (some might say crazy) goal , get my game into NCF 2017 , why 2017?

Now my games are still in the prototype stage , testing , refinement and launch , plus awareness leh? Ah , so if everything huat huat , shun shun , you might have a chance to play kekeke !

Back to NCF 2015 , if you're at the mass training on 14 March 2015 & 21 March , and happen to see a fat, bubbly and oddly dressed teen/young adult like fella wearing berms/jeans and black loafers , drop by and say hi , at least lemme know my blog got ppl read ma :p

The details are as follows and for those that haven't register , the link for the form is also below in case y'all also like ah boy , last minute register yearly one !

Ah Boy (Ken)

Mass Training Session 14 March 2015

Timings : check on website ba , more zhun

Game Day:

21 March 2015 (Saturday)
9.30am to 8.00pm
Great Eastern Centre for Excellence, Raffles Place

Cost : $10 SGD , got goodie bag , plus time spent is rather engaged on the game , atmosphere is not bad wor!

PLUS! PRIZES!!!! Got Ipad la , MacBook la , pattern liao liao la.

Link for registration form

* PS , this was not a sponsored post , cause ah boy don't wanna be lonely nia , so if u see me , pls say hi ah :)


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