Financial Literacy Knowledge in Singapore. (Part 1)

Hi peeps , ah boy is back with a bone to pick .... kidding la , i had my fill of bah kut teh liao (although hor on a side note, i'm still searching for a BKT that agrees totally with my palate....)

The purpose of this post is to express some of my own points , the stuff below , please take it with a pinch of salt ah , don't take it to heart ah , in case i offend any of y'all , apologies in advance.

See ,  quite a while back , very long ago actually ( the reason i chose to bring this out now is due to the similarity in the issue on hand) , be4 this article came out that Singapore's Fin-Lit(Financial Literacy) level has experienced the largest decline in APAC , the article can be found here .

I asked a fellow blogger , a more experienced and wiser one , Uncle Rich from InvestOpenly to do a small piece on his take of Singapore's Fin-Lit state. Read the piece below and ah boy shall continue with my story.

Ps. The piece written by Uncle Rich is uncensored and uncut ah , so don't say i add salt add vinegar ah!

The Financial Literacy State In Singapore Now – My two cents worth

Hi there, my name is Richard Ng, owner of Invest Openly ( blog, the reason why you see my post here is because I am honored to be invited by Ken (I call him Ah Boy, so you can roughly guess how old am I ;-)) to write a guest post here. Not only that, he has given me a very serious topic to consider i.e. The Financial Literacy state In Singapore.

Personally, I view that the financial literacy progress in Singapore is on the right track i.e. there are more and more retail investors (especially those younger one like Ken) are hunting for more financial knowledge/skills through related workshops, seminars or self-study (online and offline).

Some key observation that made me feel this way:
  1. The advertisements for personal finance related free and paid seminars/courses (especially those related investment vehicles like stocks, forex, real estate and commodities) are on the rise.
  2. Local bourse (SGX) is doing their part and trying hard to encourage more small retail investors join in  the equities bandwagon by fine-tuning the rules (the most recently one is reducing the lot size from 1,000 to 100 shares with effect from 19/01/2015) and arranging more educational programs for the public.
Having said that, financial literacy is more of the educational or knowledge part and it does not guarantee 100% success rate in whatever you are good in. Just like the formal education, even if you scores straight As for all the subject, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get a dream job that you are looking for.  

Of course, this is only my personal view. What’s your view about the financial literacy state in Singapore?


Ok , this is the end of part one , ah boy shall continue my nagging in part 2 , stay tuned for a bit.

Ah Boy

Pic from google. Article link from asiaone.


  1. Great difference between knowledge and skills.

    Great difference between strategies and execution.

    Hindsight learning is also critical for us to re-calibrate ourselves to avoid repeating the same mistakes and sustaining past successes and build upon our past successes to improve.

    Some people tend to dismiss the importance of hindsight learning and say "Oh hindsight bias".

    We need to be good at all five


    1. Well , Uncle CW8888 , ah boy isn't good at all five :) but well , this journey is a forever learning process , ain't it?

      Ah Boy (Ken)


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