Hired.....Part 1 of being a employee?

Yo ! Morning all

I'm writing this short blog post as part of my insomnia routine. Kidding la , kidding. I just happen to be awake at this hour. So as most people know , usually as students , we get to undergo internships . I did my stint with a local sme . After ending the internship , the fine peeps over @ Xpresstuition made me an offer i couldn't refuse , as most of y'all might know , ah boy is pretty happy being a business owner and i kinda enjoy my current life lol.... so if you were to get me to be an employee that goes into office from 9 to 6 ..... i think i would go NUTS lol.

Yeah , so when they offered me to head up their new business development department , i was pretty happy la (OK LA , I WAS PRETTY EXCITED lol , from intern getting promoted!! ) Ya la , long story cut short. The low down was that i'm exempted from going to office daily , and that i get to interview and form my own team. Good news was that management agreed. Problem was that i had no idea of how to interview people!! I mean when i hire employees , i could hire them as it's up my alley , i know the stuff that i need (pun intended) . Now,being in a totally new market , i didn't know what qualifying criteria and expectations i should have. So i did market research on my future competitors and also on the business team that they have.

I noted that most have a large team but their organisation structure seems a bit loose , such that their teams are not able to react as efficiently as a nucleus team , my original intention was QUANTITY , but now my focus has switched to QUALITY. As long as the people that are working with me are competent , that's all that matters.  I've attached the link for the presentation that helped me on a HRM crash course here

I'll have to interview candidates later in the morning... wish me luck? lol

Ken  (Ah Boy)


  1. Hi Ken,

    Congrats on getting promoted and hope your interview process with the candidates goes well!


    1. Thank you TFS for stopping by :)

      & yes, interview went ok...


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