CNY Eve post , what you can learn from food!

Hi there ah, happy cny in advance to you all who are reading first. Sorry for not blogging quite a bit , was busy with assignments and stuff. Now, let's get it started proper shall we ?

So every year , my family will have a simple steamboat meal , nothing fancy , nothing to shout about but the amount of quality time spent is impossible to monetize.

So ah , ah boy is going to talk about food today , have you ever wondered how many of the companies that produce , retail or distribute foodstuff is listed locally (for this post we look at local la ah, ah boy hungry liao , wanna go eat steamboat soon) ?

Ah boy has this weird habit , whenever i see something that piques my interest such as idk....i was doing some cny grocery shopping at **** and ** (same day 2 diff. supermarkets) , then i saw this canned peach can.

Being curious i actually went to google and find out if the co. was listed anywhere on any exchanges , so i found out hosen was listed and del-monte was also listed! (del-monte APAC i know a while back , cause i watchlist it for a while , but for hosen , i didn't know! )


Now , i'm not inciting or enticing or whatever coerce , force-selling you to buy their shares , but ah boy just wants to say , while having fun , open your eyes, be it foodstuff, lorry details etc, you never know what you will find out from a name :)  ya, u saw that right , i saw the 800super garbage truck then i googled one , i swa gu ma... dunno got so many counters listed on sgx ;p 

Ah boy shall open my oyster bay 2013 merlot for cny lo kekeke! With that , ah boy would like to thank all my readers, for this past few months, hope i haven't bored you too much ah! Drop me a comment ;)  I wish all readers happy cny , huat ah!


Cheers & Happy CNY !

Ken (Ah Boy)

Pics from google , year of the goat coin by me.


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