Chicken Rice with Uncle Rich !

Hi there peeps ! Ah boy is back with his musings this time with my new found partner in crime (erhem lunch ba) .... so i decided to do a short interview of uncle rich for some of the younger readers to hopefully absorb a bit from :)

So background info , some of y'all might know uncle rich from reading his blog , for those who haven't , nvm ah ken now intro to u! LOL , uncle rich is a working adult , a retail investor like most of us , and also married

(my female readers , sorry lar , nvm , u ask uncle rich match make for u also can :p )

So yea, some of y'all were saying that my singlish musing a bit *sue sae after the last post in more standard ang mor , so , singlish is back !

*(lose the 阵 , dialect to english translation you go figure la)

Long story cut short lar , here it goes.

I asked him 11 Qns , let's see his answers!

Picture courtesy of Auntie Rich !

1) Investor / Trader / Campuran ( Bahasa? )

Ans: I am still pretty new to investment and hence still focusing on being an investor.

2) Let us understand more about you! Your style , background stuff like that , in your style ah , don’t anyhow hantam ! Fav stuff etc lor.

Ans: My name is Richard and I[am a middle age uncle (like you like to call me) which started the stock investing journey not long ago (last year). I am still having a full-time job and hence only invest during my free time. My background is in IT and never think of investing during my younger years (maybe due to my kia-si-ism). Oh, I am a proud owner of my blog :  
[afternote frm ken: i call him uncle rich nia , no middle age uncle wor , this part he hantam one lar]

3) Now that is done , moving on , please give an aga aga estimation on  CURRENT PORTFOLIO SIZE , & desired portfolio size. Mai Kia , put the sky also can , also if possible , the types of asset classes inside and whether u wanna expand it (local or global type?) !

Ans: As I still consider myself a newbie, my portfolio size is only around $20K (including CPF Fund), not interesting at all. I am looking at increase it to $50K this year. My main focus will be on equities and REITS 

[see, i bring u all variety leh , dun say i just put shares hor!]

4) Okie , so how long do you think you will need to achieve that?

Ans: By year end
5) Done any will? Legacy planning etc? Is it of importance to you?

Ans: Haven’t done any will but since I only have one wife and no kid, so, might not be so complicated ;-)
[ken whispers to reader : " anyone wanna be his god-son or daughter? bway pai leh kekeke]

6) Anything you would have done differently towards your investment journey if you had the chance to turn back the clock?

Ans: I will start the investment earlier. But again, I might flop big time… ;-)  Ya, I think need to gain the knowledge first, if I start earlier and anyhow hantum (like your motto), I might not be that lucky ;-)

7) BEST BUY(s)  / WORST one(s) [Burning Qn right , i also know :p ]

Ans: Facebook (US stock), no worst one yet as I have not suffer any materialised loss so far (paper loss is Super Group)

[note frm ken : uncle rich huat ler , FB going up up up , USD chiong ah! Time to go for mbs buffet with uncle rich ler , on him ! ]

8) Advice to younger peeps
Ans: Invest within your means and never leverage on what you cannot afford to loss i.e. cause you sleepless night.

[this time i get someone to be the messenger , so won't be so boring , everytime also i say... sianz also ]

9)What is your daily routine like? Got check news bo?

Ans: As I am still having my full time job, so the usual daily routine : breakfast, commute, work, lunch, work, commute, dinner applies. In between, facebooking and news consumption.
[He got his market news in 2mins? daily thing i think , can go and read , macam the news , but no need watch tv ]
10) FA / TA ( Fundamental Analysis / Technical Analysis )
Ans: FA! TA too complicated for me !
11) How did you find your first buy in and advice to those who are gonna make their first buy in? 
(i know a few of u going to ah , so pls see what uncle rich has for y’all )

Ans: My first buy is Straco and I bought it because it was in the news first, after that I did my own assessment and noticed that the price is right (I bought it at $0.58) and with reasonable dividend. As for the advice, try to buy the counter that you are familiar with (or at least try to get yourself familiar 
with it before buying, by reading up their annual report etc..).  

Oh yah , lemme know in the comments below who you wanna see interviewed next using my way :) Also , please share or leave a comment if you've enjoyed it :)

Well , that is it from me .
Till next time

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