Spare Ribs Noodle with X , My Ta Baos from it.

Hi Peeps

  Ken back with my musings of the world , from my perspective of course. So i was having spare rib noodles for lunch with investor Mr X :) and naturally our conversation drifted to investments and what makes a company or rather a counter worth buying into. we both contributed ideas as to what factors we consider when we buy into counters . For X , it is growth potential , high growth potential.

The counters better have the possibility to wake up and flip a minimum of 2 times in order to be considered for MR X 's list. Let's begin proper with the lessons i've learnt from mr X then, shall we?

1) Do your own research ,know the figures and how it is calculated.

Example 1:

 Liquidity ratio calculations

Example 2:

Dividend yields need to be reflected in accordance with current trading prices , if not , you'll judge a counter's performance based on past info , for traders and real-time investors , you'll look for ACCURATE ON TIME information.

2) Multibagger within the time frame of 1yr or bin it. (His style , not for me , mine is anyhow hantam lar)

Learn to let go of counters that are underperforming , put them in a list of "K.I.V" counters and review them once in a while :) The time might not be ripe yet , also binning it reduces the risk of liquidity being tied up there, STOP LOSS when necessary , follow your exit strategy !

3) Do stuff that is necessary , don't overkill though

Come on , you're not him all right? Big Boy?

Buy in at your comfort zone, don't shoot finish the clip to realise your ammo supply is out.

Life lessons from X:

1) Always be humble and nice :)

You will never know when you will meet your benefactor :) so yea, playing the nice card helps

2) Treat one like how you will treat your closest family member and you will find unexpected stuff.                   
(A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow maybe?)

Well Cheerio till the next time , for retail investors , let's come out for kopi sometime , drop me a comment or add me on facebook :)

KendricK Goh (Ken)

Pics from google :)


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