It's been a long time

"It's been a loong day , *inserts lyrics to the tune of see you again* "

Anyways , 好久不”见“!Of late i've gone on a short personal vacation where i've caught up with people i need to catch up with , cleared my backlog of work , and taken time to do some R&R , chill and drinks sessions with friends.

I've got about an hour to kill before my dinner appointment , so might as well do a wrap up post and short portfolio update to remind myself for 2017 eh?

Before posting the pie chart and prolly what's in my watchlist for the next year , i might just do a quick reflection of 2016 so far , i think the main takeaway point of this year came from a conversation i had with a friend a month back , when i was lamenting on my happiness level. I mean , from anyone's standpoint , my investment returns this year was decent by any standard lol , but i got bored during halfway this year when the market slowed , i was basically watching sgx on one screen and hk or ang mo…

Boring , compounding , or is it?

Good Evening!

I got this crazy (honestly .... if i find it a bit "siao" it should be quite siao la) idea that i've delayed over a year or two. Recent events such as my mum falling ill and the recent passing of my 大舅 (Mum's eldest bro) have helped cement the notion of going through with the idea.

THE IDEA in context? A family owned company which buys shares in listed companies with no or low debt and use the dividends to be reinvested together with additional capital contribution on a yearly basis.

I've attached a table below for viewing.  Assuming a yield of 5% P.A. from dividends , excluding capital appreciation , aga aga results are as shown below.

FYI , my extended family is big so can do it on such a scale if not each shareholder contribution has to be larger to obtain such results.


1) Chart too small don't blame me , zoom in , zoom zoom. Paiseh la , i IT. noob (I provided two snips which should help in understanding the table.)

2) This is bas…

When ah boy decides to play! Afterall , all work and no play makes us all bored! (NCF 2016 Public Service Announcement)

Wah time flies man.

So fast one year liao ah!! It's that time of the year ah boy asks u to spend a few hours and 10 dollars to have fun la! Play game , chit chat , maybe share or learn more about finance and make more friends! See my post last year about it here.

Ya , National Cashflow Competition is back. Game is still the same , Asset Finesse , Venue also still the same.

What is the National Cashflow Competition 2016?
National Cashflow Competition (NCF) 2016 is the largest annual event proudly presented to you by NTU Investment Interactive Club (NTU-IIC). This year, their organising committee is happy to introduce a locally designed board game, Asset Finesse™ (AF). This board game is suitable for anyone that seeks to understand the economics of Singapore, to appreciate the uniqueness of a small but economically-powerful nation. More importantly, it provides players with a fun-learning experience about finance in general.
What can you look forward to? Being among the first to play th…

Hired.....Part 1 of being a employee?

Yo ! Morning all

I'm writing this short blog post as part of my insomnia routine. Kidding la , kidding. I just happen to be awake at this hour. So as most people know , usually as students , we get to undergo internships . I did my stint with a local sme . After ending the internship , the fine peeps over @ Xpresstuition made me an offer i couldn't refuse , as most of y'all might know , ah boy is pretty happy being a business owner and i kinda enjoy my current life lol.... so if you were to get me to be an employee that goes into office from 9 to 6 ..... i think i would go NUTS lol.

Yeah , so when they offered me to head up their new business development department , i was pretty happy la (OK LA , I WAS PRETTY EXCITED lol , from intern getting promoted!! ) Ya la , long story cut short. The low down was that i'm exempted from going to office daily , and that i get to interview and form my own team. Good news was that management agreed. Problem was that i had no idea of …

I'm Unemployed!!!! For a day that is.

Yo !

Ah Boy is finally "UMEMPLOYED" !! Funny leh , unemployed and yet i'm so happy.... i know what you must be thinking... this ah boy siao liao ah? For me , being unemployed is one of the happiest thing that has happened to me , because i've finally graduated from my studies!!

Damn , after endless nights of nightmares , i finally turn from full time student to .... unemployed.

Well for my off day , i decided to KLKK ( Hokkien for walking around ). An acquaintance alerted me to a news article a while back in the papers , with a portfolio shown every week done up by CFA professionals as part of a moneysense initiative , a short 2 hour seminar will be held every 2 monthsor so ba. I also managed to meet up with my accountant , to settle tax issues (Remember to file your taxes soon ah! ) and also to do a bit of business reorganisation as part of my portfolio review.

For the most part , the seminar focused on enforcing or rather instilling the discipline that young invest…

Will? Trusts? Assets? What to do when you before you depart this world? For the young , the middle aged and the seniors.

Ya. The post is sombre la. I've just lost a relative today . R.I.P.

This post is sort of a self reminder for all of us and most importantly me. A few close friends and acquaintances know this , the others don't. I went into hospital twice last December. When i was in there , on the hospital bed i actually told my mum where i has stashed my "will" , together with my list of things i wanna do but couldn't do.... my bucket list. Then she told me : " Choy , don't anyhow say" etc etc.

I explained to her my rationale of writing up my "will" and other stuffs so that :
1) I would have less regrets should i leave the world then.
2) I would know that they would be taken care of as per my asset / beneficiaries allocation.
3) Lesser chances they would contest aka fight aka turn me over in my grave.

I've a will that is going to be valid once i turn 21 , with my lawyer. (Oh ya , irritatingly , below 21 can't do a  legally binding will wor! @#@ …


Good morning world :)

Guess i had too much coffee for lunch yesterday , some fellow bloggers , ( The more experienced ones, i noobie ma , such as ASSI AK (Old Uncle AK71) , Invest Openly (Uncle Richard Ng) ,A Path To Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs , aka Brian Halim) , and many of the likes have revealed their holdings (what counters they bought etc.) .

Ah boy did a small small pie chart on that when Uncle Rich did a web interview for me a while back , simple Q and As. I did a small pie chart to show my portfolio allocation and i think it's time to write a bit more on the stuff inside my small small portfolio , before that , let's check out the previous pie chart.
Because i run a small business , it constitutes for 30% of my investments , Investment Grade Gold and Silver Bullion constitutes another 30% of my portfolio then ( NOTE: These IGPM can be converted to cash in 24hrs? So it's also Cash and Short Term Investment , macam those list co balance sheet u know?  ) Then , b…