Bull or Bear? YOU decide

Hi peeps

  Ken back with my naggy nonsense again. So a few days back while i was having a mac meal with a friendly engineer cum trader , investor and another young investor (yes dext, this is for you ) , these terms consistently popped up.

(Ps. Please bear with my musings in singlish and for those that don't understand , uncle google is there and i learnt from a friend that there is a singlish online guide? LOL, enjoy)


Notice i put both terms in green? It's for a reason and the topic at hand today is PERSPECTIVE

You see ah , one can b* and tell you that oh , oil is dipping , bull is running on WS and APAC is looking uptrend la bla bla bla .... i'm not saying that they are wrong , but what i'm saying is , are you vested wrongly ? 

Or is your portfolio not suited for the current climate? What i'm saying is that people know how to tweak their portfolios , so should you! TBH , u wanna whack O&G when the market is having diarrhea , allow me to call the emergency services for you, thereafter , you pick up the tab! This is exactly what is happening , you're some people's lifebuoy , i quote le friendly engineer " the market is fair " . Behind every george soros are scores of goondu sotongs that got thrown into the deep fryer er...air fryer la , now healthier , no need use oil (pun intended)  

1) See ah , when eg. oil is plunging , look for bargains la , doesn't mean it plunges then u look another way!

Mai Kong Wa Bo Jio , your eyes open big big , see which sectors looking bullish setup or whatever setup and u jeep into it BASED ON YOUR JUDGEMENT , don't say oh ... so and so guru tell me to buy in wor! (Auntie who was midnite shopping at the hypermart, if u are reading this , this is for you) See pic below , or i intro u the latest i phone 6plus ? Sure make your trading more shun one ! i sell u 1000sgd plus 2500 warranty ai mai? (warranty for one day only!)

Don't wanna monitor or moody or need to go grocery shopping then don't cao cao suka suka , just follow the 'tips' wor , scarli is the blind leading the blind ! The market work for almost 5 days a week , GLOBALLY , mian kia , mai kia , 24hrs give u also scared yr hands not enuf dexterity wor! 


Hello , doesn't mean that oil is plunging , means everything is plunging leh! SOMETHING SOMEWHERE MUST BE GOING UP RIGHT? LOGIC RIGHT?

USD leh? EURO leh? GOLD leh? Silver leh? Tech shares leh? Renewable energy leh?

Stick to your goals, tweak your battle plans!

Makes sense? 

3) FOLLOW some of our valued investors , lepak one corner minum teh susu , or teh tarik , or teh o , whichever gam chye :p 

HELLO , TRADING IS NOT 24/7 365& 1/4 days der! 

You are a human being , pls chill one corner and rest or go walk walk , keep emotions in check and then come back lor , or best still, build up ammo by doing research (YOUR OWN ONE) and wait and sit for the right timing to jeep! 

OK , this is it peeps , just a short post from ken , cheers till the next time and see the quote below and listen to the song(s) for those GEN Y , pls listen to both versions (unless u hate techno) and for those GEN X , please take a listen to the non-techno version , and the techno one too, if you like it :p



Till the next time




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