FA / TA : Uncle to Teen , Your Questions , My Answer!

Hi peeps , boring Ken is back with another entry .

Background Story: Uncle Rich on Facebook aka investopenly in the blogworld :p  :

" Ken why not share about why u personally like FA over TA? It is not that either one is better, just want to see a young mind's view on this, eh sai boh?"

Ken's reply is as follow , i'll ask you this qn first : 

" you want to follow the mother hen and be protected or learn on your own? "

I put the 2 pics below for illustration lar , which one would you pick?

"Bloody heck , i'll take number 2 man, look how stylo this kid looks! #SWAG "

Now , no one is accusing anyone of being a mommy's boy / daddy's girl here . Point in case being , experience being in the market lar , if you don't take that first step , you'll probably hurt yourself even more . To be awfully honest , my style is chapalang , anyhow hantam style . I rely on my gut feel more than others for my picks , my trades , even my investments. 


HOWEVER , to do that , before you even wanna try that , i quote a convo i had with a BB a while back : 
"You better know your sh**"  

My 4 steps to getting your style right is this :

1) Wake up your ideas! The right ones arh!

To be an investor / trader / player / BB , you need to learn FA AKA FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS , you better dust out your old finance books or hit the books or internet on ways on how to read a financial statement , analyze data and to get a sense of the industry and general market wave . 
(This one is especially important for TECH / Oil & Gas related counters, because they are so darn volatile!)

2) Always make sure you LOOK at the REAR-VIEW MIRROR! 

Hello , after getting the FA foundation , take on TA as a new perspective of looking at things , another pair of eyes . READ UP on terms like moving average , moving average convergence divergence (MACD) , Exponential Moving Average etc. Don't know , ASK! We have so many people you can ask , a lot of TA Zai Kia out there , you have UNCLE RICH , UNCLE RUSSIAN Gun, Uncle Japan etc etc lar , look at the financial blogs and ASK! I'm sure they are more than willing to share , if not worst come to worst , there is the National Library! 

Don't come and ask me ah , about TA lar , i know how to see charts and stuff , but not interested , because it is boring and seems darn tedious to me , i do a cursory glance and yar , that's about it. 

"Take note arh , he is an oracle , but he is also berry berry staedy for 180 degree kebalakang puseng one!"

NOW, let's take a moment and listen to this song and reflect on the points mentioned above , btw fyi , i pro-govt one! Don't suka suka sabo me ah!

3) Summary judgement! AFTER step 1 and 2 completed arh!

You need to make your first buy in already! Don't try , you never know, 不试不知道,试过才知道, tak try tak boleh la , try already then tau lah! REMEMBER , don't be DWA POW SIAN ah! 大炮仙.

4) Don't be SWAYED ! 

Remember this : YOU and YOU ALONE are 

responsible for your own choices , people may provide their 

opinions but remember , it is free , TALK IS CHEAP , you'll 

pay the price , so instill in yourself the determination , the 

thought , to repeat steps 1-3 and look for the finest detail 

that the counter might not make it ! Whether you're a trader , 

investor , player , operator , Big Boy , it doesn't matter , what 

matters is that when you've made a call , a choice , you 

better stick to your guns and set a STOP LOSS too ! You will 

have found that by then your instincts would have been 

sharpened , remember , the road ahead is long , don't ruin it 

because of one lazy judgement. 

Ps. listen to the songs , might have some unexpected results 

while reading this post for the second time :)

Till next time :)


Oh , last song (if you understand , take a moment to enjoy! 

Have a great year ahead! Happy 2015!)

Pics from google and vids are courtesy of youtube 


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