Random Posting when i've insomnia

Hi Peeps, Ken back here again.

Just a short self-reflection post about myself. I guess i've grown more steady and mature-ish since my second venture KG Bullion Pte Ltd is up and running, The fear or feeling of apprehension that i've when meeting up or chatting with PMETs has reduced gradually till yesterday when i had the opportunity to chat with two undergrads who are successful in the nightlife scene in their own right, The first time i encountered them three months back i was still a ignorant kid (not saying i grew a lot since then la) but i could hold my own fort this time round! I guess people grow with exposure and i was presently surprised at the coherent words that were able to exit my mouth!

Morale of the story: have faith and believe in what you can and will achieve if you believe in yourself :)



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