A lil bit more about myself

Hi guys, my name is Ken, some brief history about myself:
I will be 18 come year end, i've just started a small venture KG Bullion Pte Ltd dealing in mostly investment grade precious metals.

The purpose of this post is actually to share with y'all some of the bits and pieces in my entrepreneurship journey thus far. To be brutally honest, this road is not an easy road to walk, and trust me, when i say this, as i might have been through as much of the ups and downs in a biz as some of you here.
I started getting interested in entrepreneurship when i was 12 or 13, when i started dabbling into small cap equities in SGX (i know, i'm an oddball). I earned my own coffee money then, and stopped when i had schoolwork to settle.
I then dabbled on and off into MLMs when i was about 15 (shall not name them, too mundane for most of y'all), that was when MLMs were the "in" thing.
I then joined a competition i think back in 2011 and that was what opened my eyes to the possibility of entrepreneurship and the various possibilities this avenue opens one out to. Eventually my team won, but i admit , then and there i was into entrepreneurship as the allure, the good rosy picture was too hard to resist. I saw success stories and i thought i could be one of them too.
I learnt along the way, through falls and countless rejections by others , that being termed an entrepreneur doesn't only mean that you are responsible for the outcome of your business but also the decisions made along the way that forms the basis for an outsider or third party perspective on your biz.
To be honest, i was and still am fortunate that along the way in my journey to becoming a i would not term as successful entrepreneur but a growing or budding entrepreneur, i had mentors, some even twice, thrice my age who challenged my ideas, along the way and constantly instilled in me the term EMPOWERMENT.
When one mentions empowerment, one usually uses it to describe teaching, mentoring or providing advice, tutelage, help to another. However, what i've gained from this term is the fact that in order to enable (note the usage of the word enable and not empower) others, one must first empower oneself with the necessary skills and knowledge such that one is able to guide (note the word guide and not help) as the other party is supposed to grow and nurture along the way to be able to pass on this process to nurture more budding not successful entrepreneurs as a truly successful entrepreneur should be one that is able to envision where and when his or her biz is supposed to be at a specific point in time.
The message i wanna carry across is,spread your wings and take in new blood and nurture them to be the building blocks of tomorrow's society and do note that if one asks if an entrepreneur is easy to be? You might wanna answer, definitely but the journey to becoming a successful one is another thing altogether 
Phew! That was a mouthful, i shall leave it at that as i really have thoughts floating about but don't have the patience to pen it down as of yet.
Thank you for reading. Bless y'all, have a great day ahead 


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