How to pick counters ! Same thing , go horland play ball don't come back with a vengeance hor!

Hi Peeps

 Ken here, trying to remind you that the week is not over just yet.

For 2015 Q1-3 , please go source for counters that have the following 3 things , if you wanna drink kopi at starbucks , idk if they will have 1 for 1 for the non-seasonal drinks or not other than for their annual BOGO day -.-


LOCAL Presence , whether physical , online , on cloud , on whatever , i don't bother too much with that , for me , what goes , goes.

(They better be number 1 or within the top 3 of their industry) 


CASH RICH , different people have different way of looking at this , but for me , look at the current assets on hand vs the outstanding liabilities or any loan(s) that are due soon.

[some counter pattern more than badminton la , don't know how many fellas they wanna borrow from, so better make sure got enuf firepower in the bank to support the war ah !]


AMBITION , the counter's management better be those that open the eyes and ears big big one , try to have a counter that has expansion plans , history of acquisition during times of economic turmoil etc etc , or a counter that has expanded recently and not spread too thinly on all ends if not like the nutella bread like that , too little i hiam the taste not enuf , too thick , macam drink milo dinosaur -.-


Yar , still got step 4! Step 4 is to see if all the 3 steps above are fulfilled for the counter you are looking at . YOU , yes YOU , have to go and look at past performance ah , and decide yourself whether to park your fortune there or with another few more counters :) For those more TA inclined one , please go chart the progress till swee swee song song then decide :)

Lastly , time is on your side in 2015 , mai kan chiong , no one rushing to steal your hello kitty :p

Here is Ken signing off liao , if not y'all sure find me lo so one ,

Cheers and Huat Ah!

Pics courtesy of google images :)


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