2015 5 SGX Stock Picks ! (Kenna 4D or lose Toto not my fault leh)

After a hot and steamy session of tea (what were you thinking of there?)

Small kid Ken is back with my picks for 2015 's SGX counters albeit some of the counters here i might not be able to afford :P

Small kid will also do a bit of a short analysis on why i picked these counters out of the many many in sgx .

So here goes!

1) Haw Par Corp 

(Cause i watched the moodiacork drama and found that the $$ is here )

Got $$ to park in the bank? Park it here instead .

Current price : 8.53 SGD / Share

Div Yield : 2.3% (Still better than your FD :P )

Enterprise Value to Debt Value:  

SGD 1267.6M VS SGD 43.4M -.- 
(Yea , check it out , don't know if i'll even have that amount in the bank in 100yrs)
No la , it is because , who doesn't know this god-like remedy for aches? I mean seriously la , rain or shine someone somewhere in this world is aching ma , so they will definitely need this !

This is for those finance peeps out there , look at the amount of $$ the company is sitting around with! Close to 643M leh! 

               **** I personally like this counter as it is a 包到完 / Bao Gao Liao counter **** 

Which counter has all of the following in one? Underwater world leh, property (already built on land one) , big pharma , investments , LAND (in Singapore, land is king man) . Diversified interests is what draws in the revenue la! The late Mr Aw Boon Haw , was known for his kind heart and also for diversifying his income stream :)  

2) G.K. Goh Holdings Ltd

Current Price : 0.895 SGD / Share
( can makan a bit if it goes lower, if not DYODD)

Div Yield : 4.44% (sure won't die one la) -.- 

** Enterprise value to Debt**  000000 to 184.3M 
                              Impt to note 

This one is definitely not because i like the surname arh ! Look at the top 5 shareholders .... (should give u an idea liao lar , no need elaborate so much ) 

I'm not fazed by the recent 300k loss , no kick to them one lar , next year will be a huat huat year , cause win or lose , u also need their services ma ! Oh yah , btw they also have a stake in boardroom & the SILVER INDUSTRY (i'm studying about the potential of the silver market ma , so should include it here :p ) 

The silver wave is expected to be the next big thing :)

3) ABR Holdings Limited 

Current price: 0.735 SGD / Share

Div Yield : 4.08% (still bway bai la) 

Enterprise Value to Debt : SGD 71.9M to 0.3M 

Your friend's birthday party confirm got one year at least held at this " casual dining outlet " right?
That's rite , ABR is the operator of Swensens in SG! :) Plus they have a lot of foods on their plate too including ice cream (pun intended) . So who wants free swensens vouchers for the AGM? Keechiu!

4) Sheng Siong 
(yar , the x1000 times reward company)
See , even the logo says that they will work hard for you! =)

Current price: 0.690 SGD / Share

Div yield :    4.202% (SWEE)

Enterprise Value to Debt : SGD 858.7M to 0M 

It's easy to see why i like this former pig farm boss turned supermarket giant (pun intended) , i got one within 10mins walking distance, fat kid like me walk slower la , one area to note would be the greater china expansions la , but other than that , HUAT ARH! Oh yah , not forgetting he got where the other former swine boss didn't get to go lor (Prime supermarket if you guys are wondering :p ) , SGX MAINBOARD! 

See , not too boring rite , so far so good?

5) JASON Holdings Limited 

Current price: 0.525 SGD / Share

Div Yield : 0 % (Small cap counter la , pang zui la)

Enterprise Value to Debt : SGD 134.3M to 24.2M 
* Net Profit a bit thin arh , so pls note

I have a soft spot for boss man Jason Sim Aka Sim Chon Ang la, what can i say , True Blue Singaporean entrepreneur ? His "highest highest helicopter , as he coins it , is an ITE education" but this fella here SURVIVED the 08 Crisis , where many many others have failed thanks to his determination and his "thick face" hahaha , so  if Bossman is there, can hold if not , jump ship till it is safe to come back . My own views la , obviously -.-  , need to see if the construction / building development market is good or not because they supply timber afterall la .

All right, that is it. Till another time , cheers!



The views expressed in this Blog should not be used as financial advice. Accuracy of information in page cannot be guaranteed .

Readers need to do their own diligence.

I bear no undertaking in the information provided and for any losses incurred directly or indirectly based on the views expressed in the Blog.

Pics frm google and the other info frm SGX and the wonderful google and yahoo finance :)


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